Month: January 2017

Holiday Hack Challenge: Update #10 (Edited)

With the submissions now closed, I present my write-up for the SANS 2016 Holiday Hack Challenge! SANS 2016 Holiday Hack Submission (23 MB) Also if you missed the last post, here’s the video walk-through of the RPG portion. SANS 2016 Holiday Hack RPG Walkthrough (Youtube) And last but not least, my github repo. SANS 2016 Holiday Hack Challenge Code Repo   I’ve… Read more →

Holiday Hack Challenge: Update #9

Well, today I submitted my final documentation. In all I have 64 pages of documentation describing how to access all the systems.  I had thought about trying a few extra things today, perhaps to add in a few bonus hacks, but some of the servers have been knocked offline – making the challenges inaccessible to those trying to finish up… Read more →