Holiday Hack Challenge: Update #9

Well, today I submitted my final documentation. In all I have 64 pages of documentation describing how to access all the systems.  I had thought about trying a few extra things today, perhaps to add in a few bonus hacks, but some of the servers have been knocked offline – making the challenges inaccessible to those trying to finish up the hardest challenges.

It’s probably also a safe bet that I can release the video walkthrough at this point.  I doubt anyone actually following this blog (is anyone actually following this?) could make any use of it.  You might get the password to the final challenge in the RPG, but without the documentation to describe how you got it you’d be figured out as being a fraud pretty quick.  So, for anyone interested in seeing a speed-run through the game here’s the link.

SANS 2016 Holiday Hack RPG Walkthrough

In a few days I’ll release my GitHub project to the public so that huge document I put together will be available if you want to read about how I accessed all the servers.

So now, it’s a long wait to find out how I did.  According to past info, notes were due by the 4th and they did the prize ceremony on the 12th.  So, maybe within a week we’ll know who won =)