2017 MR340

The week has come and gone.  I can now say, as an MR340 veteran, that this was an absolute success for me.  I finished within the 60-70 hour window that I had anticipated finishing in and due to all of the training, felt like I could get back in and paddle some more when all was said and done.

Final Time was 67 Hours, 17 Minutes.  I placed 61st in my division (Men’s Solo) and 148th overall.

There were 447 registered craft at the start with about 69 that didn’t even start and 85 that started but didn’t finish.

I would up being adopted by a tremendously wonderful support crew – certainly more than I deserved.  I couldn’t have done so well without them and I can’t thank them enough.

While I’m still decompressing and dealing with post-race “blues” I’m also getting photos and video together.   I’ll blog about that with pics and links another day.