Holiday Hack Challenge: Update #10 (Edited)

With the submissions now closed, I present my write-up for the SANS 2016 Holiday Hack Challenge! SANS 2016 Holiday Hack Submission (23 MB) Also if you missed the last post, here’s the video walk-through of the RPG portion. SANS 2016 Holiday Hack RPG Walkthrough (Youtube) And last but not least, my github repo. SANS 2016 Holiday Hack Challenge Code Repo   I’ve… Read more →

Holiday Hack Challenge: Update #9

Well, today I submitted my final documentation. In all I have 64 pages of documentation describing how to access all the systems.  I had thought about trying a few extra things today, perhaps to add in a few bonus hacks, but some of the servers have been knocked offline – making the challenges inaccessible to those trying to finish up… Read more →

Holiday Hack Challenge: Update #6.5

After finishing the debug/development server a couple of hours ago I thought I’d go to sleep and get some rest.  Instead, I took a short break, composed myself, and went head first into the exception server.  It should go without saying that if I’m blogging about it, I must have been successful.   Indeed, I was.  This server was indeed… Read more →

Holiday Hack Challenge: Update #6

While I planned on hacking and getting a little tipsy this evening I really did a LOT of documentation around many of the terminals that had been accessed earlier in the game.  I had recorded the answers without documenting how I got to those answers.  Following that I finally got into hacking some more.  This evening I decided to exploit… Read more →

Holiday Hack Challenge: Update #5

If you’ve been following me I do apologize for the lack of posts.  The fact is I haven’t been super motivated to tackle the servers.  With most of the holidays behind me and boredom setting in I decided it was finally time to get back to work. So, I started with a new found motivation and have been fairly successful.… Read more →

Holiday Hack Challenge: Update #4

          The last 24 hours have been pretty eventful.  Santa has been rescued and Christmas has mostly been saved.  I’ve circled back on a couple of the challenges that had multiple solutions and have been working on solving those and documenting them properly.  There are still several NetWars coins that have eluded me and I still… Read more →

Holiday Hack Challenge: Update #3

  Yesterday I knocked out Question 5 by recovering the password from the Cranberry Pi. I also spent a bit of time tidying up and improving the quality of the the documentation around the story and solutions up to this point.  One thing is certain, the documentation is going to have to be meticulous and correct.  The guy that won this… Read more →